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Grow with Leadership Jackson



The Leadership Jackson program is designed to enhance leadership skills for individual growth, organizational improvement, and increased community effectiveness.

Leadership Jackson takes place on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month from September to March with graduation in April. The sessions are from 8 - 10 am at the Baker College Welcome Center (day and time are subject to change). Light breakfast and coffee are provided during each session.

$450 for Chamber members if paid in advance by August 10, 2018
$550 for Chamber members if paid after August 10, 2018

Sponsor: 30-day cancellation notice to be given to Chamber to receive refund
No refunds are given for cancellation after August 24, 2018

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Why register for the Leadership Jackson?

  • To gain a heightened awareness concerning the Jackson community, its needs and issues
  • Enhance your desire to become a community steward
  • To create personal goals which will allow you to reflect and assess leadership concepts and skills for your future development

Why send your staff to Leadership Jackson?

This will allow you to provide challenging, growth-oriented and rewarding opportunities for your employees. Your business will see a return on investment from employees who are Leadership Jackson graduates.

Your employees are worth this investment!

Expectations of Leadership Jackson participants

To get the most out of your Leadership Jackson experience, participants are required to participate in certain activities between September and March that are meant to benefit them in the learning process. 

• Required attendance at all class sessions
 (Two 2 hour sessions per month for 7 months)*

Required Participation
• Attend an Off The Clock 
• Attend one other Chamber event
• Attend one Chamber of Commerce Board meeting. Must RSVP to attend.
• Attend a Jackson County Commission meeting 
• Attend one Jackson City Council meeting
• Work with a mentor 
• Class Service Project

Choose 3 of 5 to Complete
• Attend a local service club meeting
• Attend a Toastmasters session
• Become Jackson Certified 
• Communicate with a local elected official
• Volunteer at a Chamber event 

Contact (517) 782-8221 for more information.