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Why Join the Chamber?


Belonging to your local Chamber of Commerce can help grow your business. By developing partnerships with other businesses, your customer base, and your influence will grow….and, eventually, so will your bottom line. Solving issues and concerns collectively are much more cost effective than going at it alone. Whether your problem is with our local government, a competitor or even your customers, our team at the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce is here to help you.

Visibility: Stand out and get noticed as an active member of your community.

Yes, you’ve heard it said time and time again, out of sight means out of mind. This is not a smart strategy for any business, especially when times are good. A market can change quickly. While good is the enemy of great, complacency and short-term thinking is the enemy of sustained marketing breakthroughs.

Network: It’s not just who you know, it’s who others know too. Networking is powerful.

From our HR Educations Series, Legislative Rise & Shine, Economic Luncheons to JAXPO and various other business and community committees, there’s absolutely no excuse for not being able to meet new contacts, referrals, and people who can help you with ideas and additional ways to grow your business. In addition, doing business with fellow Chamber members who offer wonderful products, services, and ideas is also a big plus.

Voice: We advocate on your behalf! We give you a voice to protect your business.

Our Chamber researches, lobbies and routinely discusses with the local and regional government units, politicians and the media to keep people up to date on central issues of importance pertaining to their membership and the community. What happens to your local employees and customers does have an impact on your business, even if you’re a national chain.

Credibility: Your reputation matters! Chamber membership is respected by the community.

Numerous national studies have shown that being a part of your local Chamber of Commerce will help bring customers to and through your doors compared to other associations. Being involved and giving back to the greater community is a selling point when people look for places to spend their money.

Savings: Member to Member Discounts increase buying power!

If you fully leverage the cost-saving discounts – ranging from insurance to office supplies, to discounted phone service, to other items your business and employees use or will need – it’s safe to say that any small business will find enough savings within their first 90 days to easily pay for their membership. Not to mention, most discounts are opening to the businesses employees to take advantage of as well.

Growth: Develop employees through quality training, educational, and leadership opportunities.

Unless you have the luxury of a training budget or can afford to bring in an expert on your needed topic, we are here to bring in the experts on a wide range of topics that will serve our business community. Getting your staff involved and educated will help lead them and your business to bigger and better places in your respective business.

Here at the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce, we work to engage you and your employees to help grow your business and build a strong business community throughout.