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County Commissioners

District 1 - Tony Bair

Commissioner Tony Bair, represents District 1, which is located within the townships of Rives, Tompkins, Parma, Springport, Sandstone and the Villages of Parma and Springport.

Commissioner Tony Bair was elected at the 2018 General Election.

District 2 - Rodney Walz, (517) 937-2668

Commissioner Rodney Walz represents District 2 which is located within the townships of Henrietta, Waterloo, Grass Lake and a portion of Leoni.

Rodney V. Walz ran for re-election in the 2018 General Election.

District 3 - Corey Kennedy (517) 581-1091

Commissioner Corey Kennedy represents District 3 which is located within the townships of Leoni and Summit.

Commissioner Corey W. Kennedy represents Jackson County’s District 3 located within precincts 1,2, and 3 of Leoni Township and precincts 7 and 8 of Summit Township. Commissioner Kennedy was formerly a Leoni Township Trustee where he won the November 2016 election before winning his first two-year term as Jackson County Commissioner District 3 in the November 2018 election.

District 4 - Philip Duckham (517) 592-6714

Commissioner Philip S Duckham represents District 4 located within the townships of Columbia, Napoleon and Norvell and the Village of Brooklyn.

Philip S Duckham was appointed to the vacant District 4 Commissioner's position December 13, 2005. He replaced long time Commissioner John Day who passed. Phil is not a new comer to public service, having served on Region II, and Norvell Township Planning Commissions, Recycle Jackson Task Force and the Jackson County Solid Waste Committee.

District 5 - Chairman James Shotwell Jr (517) 748-0253

Chairman James E Shotwell, Jr. represents District 5 located within the townships of Summit and Liberty.

Chairman James E Shotwell, Jr. became a County Commissioner when he was appointed to finish the term of a deceased Commissioner in December 2001. He was elected to office in November of 2002 for a 2-year term to serve District 7, representing Summit and Liberty Townships.

District 6 - Allan Tompkins (517) 888-4291

Commissioner Allan Tompkins represents District 6 located within the townships of Concord, Hanover, Pulaski and Spring Arbor and the Villages of Concord and Hanover.

Commissioner Allan Tompkins was elected at the 2016 General Election.

District 7 - Daniel J. Mahoney (517) 914-2706

Commissioner Daniel J. Mahoney represents District 7 located within the City of Jackson

Daniel J. Mahoney was born and raised in Jackson, Michigan and graduated from Jackson High School class of 2000. He is a member of United Peoples Church located on Jackson's south side. Daniel is happily married to Semaj Mahoney his wife of 4 years. They have been together for 14 years and are the proud parents of 4 beautiful little girls.

District 8 - Darius Williams

Commissioner Darius Williams represents District 8 which is located within the City of Jackson.

Commissioner Darius Williams was elected during the November 2018 General Election

District 9 - David K. Elwell (517) 780-4907

Chairman David K. Elwell represents District 9 which is located within the township of Blackman.

David K. Elwell, is serving his seventh term as Commissioner. He resides in Blackman Township, and represents District 9. David's wife Sharon and all 3 of his children were born in Jackson. David graduated from Alpena Community College, as well as having completed basic police training at Jackson Community College's police academy in 1980.