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Disney Institute - Disney's Approach to Quality Service



Join us June 26, 2019, in Jackson, MI for "Disney’s Approach To Quality Service” presented by Disney Institute and sponsored by the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce. 

Excellent service does not simply come from a friendly transaction or helpful technology—it is the result of truly understanding your customer’s expectations and putting the right service standards in place to exceed them. In this unique, 1-day workshop, you will discover how Disney’s attention to detail creates a consistent, world-class service experience. You will also examine how attention to detail can create a consistent experience for both employees and customers, and how to design and differentiate your organization’s customer service to become a provider of choice. 


For more information on registration, please contact Jackson County Chamber of Commerce at 517-782-8221.

Discover Why Delivering Exceptional Customer Service is All in the Details.

Disney Institute shares the operational practices used to serve Guests at their parks and resorts for over 60 years. They know that excellent service does not simply come from a friendly smile or easy transaction. It results from truly understanding the customer's needs and putting the right guidelines and customer service standards in place, so they can exceed their expectations.

When an organization puts the customer at its core—empowering its people and unifying its processes—outstanding customer service becomes possible on a consistent basis, from the first greeting to the final meeting. When all touch points are exemplary experiences, a customer has a much greater incentive to return, as well as recommend us to others. No one understands this better than Walt Disney Parks & Resorts.

Learn How To:

Assess and improve your organization's commitment to quality service
Differentiate and elevate your service to become a provider of choice
Design standards for quality service and create a consistent service experience
Gauge the needs, wants, stereotypes and emotions of your customers at an individual level
Understand the processes necessary to develop a culture that consistently delivers exceptional service
Recover effectively from a service failure and turn it into an opportunity to strengthen customer relations