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Focus On Your Bigger Picture with T. Smith Business Consulting

It’s no secret that Jackson has seen a surge in startup and entrepreneurial culture in recent years. This new wave comes with opportunities for people who never thought they could achieve their small business dreams. It’s overwhelming to be a business owner of any kind, that’s why T. Smith Business Consulting is here, to save you time so you can focus on your bigger picture.

T. Smith Business Consulting, run by Toneka Smith, is a consulting company tailored to small business owners. Toneka supports small business owners by helping them grow, providing structure, and essentially getting their business off the ground.

Toneka has always had a passion for helping others and subsequently decided to go back to school. While studying at Jackson College, Toneka took on an internship at the Launch Pad as a business coach, helping start small businesses. With the Launch Pad being based on helping minorities, Toneka fell in love with the process of hearing other entrepreneurs’ stories and how they don’t have the resources to turn their idea into a business. Business coaching was something that was completely new to Toneka, something she had never seen before. Upon graduating, she realized she wanted to take on business coaching herself.

T. Smith Business Consulting offers social media management, social media planning, business consulting, event promotions, project management, as well as the “Build a Business” plan. These services, according to Toneka, are something all small business owners should take advantage of and are unique to helping clients build a business. Toneka has seen that social media has been the most popular service the local business owners. She also works with clients to add on services as they go, to create a plan that best suits their business; she’s done her research and has come up with strategic business plans for each service to work for each individual client.

In Jackson, it’s rare to find a business consultant who offers social media management, where you sit down one on one with a business consultant to go over trending hashtags and designing content. T. Smith Business Consultant offers just that. Toneka wanted to be her own kind of unique; other consulting firms can offer a business plan, but a lot of it is based on a much bigger scale. She offers more of a personal service that tailors exactly to what the client’s business is.

Toneka firmly believes every small business owner has a need for a consultant. From project management to event promotion, T. Smith Business Consultant can handle it all. She explains that it’s easy to hire a big event planner, but they can’t offer the same opinion as someone who is looking through the eyes of a small business owner. There are plenty of benefits to hiring an independent consultant, vs. the big-name company that doesn’t know your business through and through.

Toneka credits her early success to a few things. First, rather than sitting behind a desk, Toneka is constantly bettering her business by being involved in local nonprofits and participating in Chamber events. Second, Toneka is a very active patron of Lean Rocket Lab, which she excitedly shared was a huge resource to her when it came to starting her business. It’s become a home away from home and the perfect place to meet great, entrepreneurial minds alike. A piece of advice Toneka shared was that her favorite Chamber event is Live at the Lab because it’s the perfect setting for members and nonmembers to introduce themselves in a laid-back setting.

Photo Credit: Loveland Farms Photography

Finally, working with her business mentor, another Chamber member, Felicia Carter from Shortie’s Sweets, Eats, & Treats, who she met through the Launch Pad. She explained that it’s great to have someone similar to her who she can bounce ideas off and brainstorm with. Having a mentor like Felicia has been great for someone who is an independent business owner, like Toneka.

Toneka primarily works through her Facebook page for bookings. She also is available by email at and by phone at (734)210-0218. She prides herself on her quick response time; she’ll even answer a quick Facebook message, as she likes to make each experience with clients and potential clients personal. Toneka is local to Jackson, the best networker your business will find, and ready to work with you.

T. Smith Business Consultant’s Chamber membership is made possible by the help of Monster Motors. Monster Motors has said time and time again that they see so much value in being able to work one on one and support the small business owners in the community.