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J&F Audio Brings New Beats to Jackson

In their early twenties, most people are trying to finish college or just figure out what field they want to dive into. For Tyler Boyer (21) and Ean Warren (20), they are working on wrapping up their first year of business with Jacob & Fritz Audio. 

J&F Audio is an audio retailer that specializes in selling audio equipment for events and spaces of any kind. A common demographic J&F Audio targets are churches, since that is where their passion for audio stems from. Tyler’s audio experience began when he was just ten years old when he helped with the internal sound system in his church. From there, he became involved with other churches as well. He and Ean have been friends for as long as they can remember and aren’t surprised that their friendship has grown into a professional partnership. 

Tyler is currently training to be a lineman and loves working on electronics on the side, like building RC cars or the wood casing for speakers. Ean is studying computer science at Spring Arbor University and enjoys tinkering with computers and electronics while dabbling a bit in the culinary world on the side. It’s no secret that these two have a knack for what they do, and both agreed that if you’re doing something you love, it doesn’t feel like work at all.

When starting J&F Audio, Tyler and Ean found the process surprising, as they didn’t realize how much of a need Jackson had for an audio retailer until they got into it. Now, after a few months of growth, Tyler and Ean offer services unlike any other to accommodate clients’ audio needs. J&F Audio even offers free consultations to determine exactly what fits your vision and budget. Whether that be mixers, speakers, soundboards, or even equipment for live music.

When asked what their favorite piece of equipment to sell is, that answer was easy: speakers. Tyler and Ean explained that speakers provide a way to be somewhere you’re not through sound; good sound transports you. With an increase in media trends that more and more businesses are taking advantage of, J&F Audio has recommendations regarding things like podcast and video equipment, like shotgun mics, headsets, interface, and much more. Interested, but seems a bit beyond your capabilities? That’s where J&F Audio comes in. J&F Audio is available for consultations and troubleshooting. One thing Tyler and Ean love for clients to remember is that there is so much when it comes to audio, and if you’re overwhelmed with choices, it doesn’t hurt to just ask. Most often, they’ll have an answer, and if they don’t, they will lead you in the right direction. “Phone calls are free,” they continued, “and will probably leave you happier than before you called.”

 J&F Audio had just joined the Chamber right before JAXPO. Days before the event, the Chamber had a cancellation and offered a last-minute booth to J&F Audio. Even with the short notice, J&F Audio was able to win third place for best booth at the whole event! Tyler and Ean share an impressive work ethic and initiative, seen both by the Chamber staff and by their Membership Sponsor, Monster Motors.

Monster Motors has enjoyed being an Executive Member of the Chamber because it gives them an opportunity to offer sponsored memberships to new businesses, like J&F Audio. Ron O’Rourke (Fixed Operations) and Lori Jackson (Owner) both agreed that being able to sponsor memberships is the perfect way to give back to the community. Ron continued that Tyler and Ean both have great vision and hope to utilize this sponsorship as a mentorship as well, meeting with Ean and Tyler, giving business insight, and helping them reach their goals. Monster Motors plans to continue developing relationships like this in the future by sponsoring more memberships for small businesses who want to get involved with the Chamber.

With all this expertise under their belt, it’s hard to believe that the two friends started their business just in July of 2021. In the future, Tyler and Ean hope to open an interactive storefront where customers can see, touch, and hear equipment for themselves. They hope to fill the store with music and electronics that will enhance each customer’s experience while appealing to each of their needs. While they’re still structuring their business plan and assessing the needs Jackson has, Tyler explained that the story is still being written. The two of them want J&F Audio to be a known asset to Jackson, something everyone knows about, and no matter what passion you have, you can go to the J&F Audio store and have some fun. For now, whatever your audio needs may be, J&F Audio is here and eager to help.

For help with your audio and electronic needs, you can contact J&F Audio on their website, send an email, or give a quick call or text at 517-499-1412.