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Meech & Muff Heavenly Foods is Cooking for Change

When struggling with something, people cope in a multitude of ways. Some may go for a walk, others exercise, or even dive into a TV show or book to distract themselves from the world. For Shanice Galloway, it’s getting in the kitchen, turning on some R&B, and starting to cook. Cooking has always been a passion for Shanice, but it has taken on a whole new meaning for her in the past several years.

Meech & Muff Heavenly Foods was originally named after Meech, Shanice’s brother, who was murdered in 2017. Born and raised on the southside of Jackson, Shanice does the work she does to implement change and be an example to those around her. She had begun cooking to cope with the loss of her brother. The business had just taken off, she had purchased a food truck in 2020 with the hopes of being able to serve events on the go. Her momentum sadly took a halt in 2021, just a few short years after losing her brother, Shanice’s fiancé, Muff, was also murdered in 2021. It was a loss that shook the community, especially for Shanice whose life had changed forever. Suddenly losing someone who was loved and admired by everyone she met and having to deal with obstacles no one should have to overcome. From there, Meech & Muff Heavenly Foods came to be, as Shanice continued to cook to cope with the loss of both her brother and her fiancé.

She has used her talents to feed the homeless to get the community back together again. Shanice points out that her community needs to find a solution for the peace and safety of those she loves. Comfort food takes on a whole new meaning when it brings healing and positivity to a community that has been struggling for years, which is something Shanice has witnessed her entire life.

Shanice is best known for the variety of egg rolls she creates, and other delectable creations like southwest chicken and ribs. She provides comfort foods to those in the area and even delivers them herself. Right now, she cooks out of her home daily, specifically what is special ordered by text. In the future, she hopes for her business to grow in a whole new way, where she will be equipped to cater larger events. So far, she has done four events and hopes to continue by doing office parties, birthday parties, or even weddings.

As for now, she hopes to revisit the food truck after she took a step back after the passing of her fiancé. Now, stronger than ever, she hopes to cook food that will not only feed her community but continue to help her to heal. As she is just getting her business of the ground, she and the team at Monster Motors are proud to be working together to make her Chamber Membership possible in order to build connections and grow her customer base.

Soon, she will have a website that will streamline her business practices. For now, she is sharing her menu on her Facebook page and his taking orders by phone, 517-769-4354. She is also available by email for larger events,