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Monster Motors Provides Opportunities for Success

After five years of business, Monster Motors owners Chris and Lori Jackson are more enthusiastic about supporting the community than ever. What started out as a wholesale company has expanded to a retail market. Beyond serving the community with excellent prices on excellent vehicles, the team at Monster Motors, including Chris and Lori’s partner, Dan Kidder, is all about the community and giving back. For that reason, they have held a longstanding Membership at the Chamber, at an Executive Level Membership. This allows them to sponsor the Memberships of smaller businesses. Ron O’Rourke, Fixed Operations, explained the importance behind Monster Motors utilizing this piece of their Membership.

Toneka Smith (T. Smith Business Consulting) and Ron O’Rourke

Some past and current Members, sponsored by Monster Motors include DoughNation Bakery, DS Life Coaching, T. Smith Business Consulting, and the U.S. Airforce. The reason they are so passionate about this piece of their Membership is they are able to offer new businesses opportunities to access and connect with the business community and reach new potential clients and customers using the Chamber’s expansive network. Ron shared that the Chamber has been a great resource meeting the unique needs of each, seeing their vision, and helping them succeed. This growing network of businesses, big and small put your business “on the map” in Jackson. “In a small community like ours, it can be hard to stand out. Sponsoring Memberships gives us the opportunity to give back and help businesses in their early stages, just like when we first started,” Ron shared. He continued by saying that the benefits that come from the Chamber stem from a variety of events, where there is truly something for everyone and every business.

Monster Motors has sponsored Memberships for new businesses looking to grow, and businesses that have been around, but are looking to get connected. They look to be partnered with businesses, who are like-minded and want to see succeed and have a hand in that success.

Monster Motors is very hands-on when it comes to supporting their sponsored Members. They don’t just want to pay a bill, they want to be a friend and mentor to business owners who want to be more engaged. Ron invites drop-in visits, schedules lunches, and offers text support just so their sponsored Members know that it matters they’re building businesses here in Jackson.

Amanda Loveland, Marketing & Development Director

Ron expressed that Chris and Lori have set an excellent example when it comes to business practices. Their business has an incredibly high retention rate, and according to Ron, “The way they treat employees speaks for itself.” He emphasized the meaning of the phrase “You’re only as good as your team,” as those at Monster Motors recognize the people who have gotten them where they are. With that being said, they see the importance of supporting those just starting out or looking for further guidance in business.

Ron O’Rourke and Master Sargent John Riggs, U.S. Airforce

Seeing those businesses Monster Motors has partnered with succeed doesn’t only feel rewarding to those at Monster Motors, but the growing connection to their community is what helps make them successful. The exposure they gain is beyond any sort of ROI, it’s about seeing smaller businesses succeed and grow. DoughNation Bakery, as Ron explained, is a great example of this. It’s hard to stumble into a coffee shop or restaurant that doesn’t serve DoughNation Bakery’s products today. Aaron Cole, the owner, has seen great success since being partnered with Monster Motors. Toneka Smith, CEO of T. Smith Business Consulting, is very active at Chamber events and has successfully grown her business since joining the Chamber, thanks to Monster Motors.

Monster Motors is proud to sponsor an upcoming Live at the Lab on June 23, where Ron and some of the Members Monster Motors has sponsored will have the opportunity to share more about their business’ stories live on the air with As always, Live at the Lab is free to attend for both Members and nonmembers. It’s the ideal setting to introduce yourself to local business leaders, meet the team at the Chamber, and enjoy casual networking. The Chamber and Monster Motors will also be hosting an Off the Clock at the dealership on July 13, where Members will get to see the impressive fleet of vehicles Monster Motors has in stock, as well as enjoy light bites, drinks, and networking.

If you’re curious about how else Monster Motors stays involved in the community, you can visit their website, or find them at an upcoming event.

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