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Sweet Treats at Stoyanna’s: Siera Stoyanovich’s Greek Ice Cream Dream

To Siera Stoyanovich, Stoyanna’s is more than just a business, it’s a project founded in generational passion. It is a tribute to her family’s enduring legacy of Greek hospitality, exceptional quality, and heartfelt service. The spiritual successor to the Greek Villa, Stoyanna’s provides customers with the unmatched consistency they have come to expect from the Stoyanovich name, while serving up new twists that keep people coming back.

“The thing I love about my little shop is that I can go outside, and my customers are excited to see me. They really know me! They honk their horns when they drive by, and it feels like a neighborly gesture. It’s such a good community,” Siera said warmly.

Stoyanna’s catering services ensure customers are satisfied with fresh-baked Greek delicacies and beyond-stellar service punctuated by a commitment to presentation and quality that is unlike any other. Now the excellence expected from Stoyanna’s catering can be found in every cone, sundae, and homemade baked good served à la mode at Stoyanna’s new ice cream stand in Jackson.

“Jackson loves ice cream,” Siera said. “There is a deep history with ice cream here, this is where the waffle cone comes from!”

Siera’s deep connection to Jackson is evident in her love for the community. “I lived in Jackson my whole life. My family came over here when my dad was two years old because there was a big Greek community here. At one time, there were over 200 Greek families in Jackson; now, there are less than 50. It’s amazing that I can continue these traditions in my own way with Stoyanna’s.”

Her knack for crafting culinary delights is deeply rooted in her family history. Her father owned DC’s Pizza, a beloved pizzeria, before the family opened the Greek Villa, which was famous for its delicious Greek dishes and desserts. After her father suffered a debilitating stroke in the late 90s, the Greek Villa closed. Siera sought to reinvent the spirit of her father’s business on her own.

“Everyone would come up to me and tell me how much they loved the Greek Villa. Everyone loved my dad. He was THAT guy! Growing up and seeing how people would treat him, and the response that they had to the Villa; my dream was to bring it all back,” Siera said.

When Siera decided to start her own catering business, she discovered that the ideal location was the very building where DC’s Pizza once thrived. Unaware of the location’s significance, her mother informed her that it was her father that owned and operated out of the building years ago. Sadly, on Mother’s Day, the day after Siera was informed of this connection, her mother passed away. This serendipitous connection to her father’s first venture made her endeavor even more special. She saw it as fate.

Stoyanna’s Catering offers full-service catering and carry-out dining, specializing in authentic Greek cuisine. Their menu features an array of homestyle Greek creations, including baklava, custard, Greek meat pie, souvlaki skewers, gyros, and more. Each dish reflects Siera’s dedication to quality and her Greek heritage.

Next door to the catering service, Stoyanna’s Ice Cream continues another local legacy. Originally Scream n’ Mimi’s, the ice cream shop was entrusted to Siera by its former owner, Mimi, who retired after 20 years. Stoyanna’s Ice Cream delights customers with a unique blend of traditional and Greek-inspired flavors, adding a sweet touch to the Stoyanna’s experience. “I ran the ice cream store like Mimi did. She trained me for a whole year, and I made it my own, putting Stoyanna’s touch on everything,” Siera said.

Stoyanna’s provides more than Greek delicacies and delicious sweets; Stoyanna’s is a celebration of life. You can taste the love put into every bite of baklava and feel the grace of family tradition at every event catered. Stoyanna’s services ensure that every outing is memorable, with a menu tailored to delight guests with a variety of appetizers, entrees, and desserts. No matter what you order, no matter the occasion, every dish is made with craftsmanship generations in the making and served with a smile.

The Chamber invites you to experience Stoyanna’s Catering and Ice Cream, where every visit and every occasion is a celebration of heritage, community, and culinary excellence. Whether you’re planning a large outing or looking to beat the heat with a sweet treat, Stoyanna’s is the place to go to fill your heart and feast your appetite.

“Stoyanna’s is great portions, great quality, homemade baked goods with ice cream, and Greek with country personality. I got to start where my dad started, and I just think that was honestly meant to be.”

Visit Stoyanna’s Ice Cream at 5037 Brooklyn Road in Jackson, MI, or call 517-240-5261 to learn more about their offerings.