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Chamber Membership,
A Win-Win-Win

A Win for Your Business:

  • The Chamber actively advocates for business friendly legislation at the local, State, and Federal levels.

  • The Chamber will promote your business on our website, social media, JTV, WKHM,, and to our 5,000 active email subscribers.

  • The Chamber will connect your business with personal introductions, referrals, and partnership building opportunities. The ability to generate, grow, and retain relationships with all stakeholders is often the single biggest element in business success.

  • Members have access to exclusive savings programs and discounts often exceeding the cost of membership each year.

​A Win for Your Employees:

  • All of your employees will be Chamber Members too, qualifiying them for exclusive Employee Discounts throughout the community.

  • The growth of a business and the growth of its staff are indispensable to each other.

  • The Chamber creates, coordinates, and presents cost-effective development opportunities throughout the year promoting both personal and professional growth.

​A Win for Our Community:

  • When a local business or non-profit joins the Jackson Chamber, they are publicly advertising their support of their community and our mission to create a vibrant, inclusive community, through meaningful partnerships, intentional connections, and engagement.

  • Chamber Members believe in the power of collaboration. They believe that in working together, all of Jackson WINS.