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Legislative Updates

Coalition for Clean & Affordable Water

Overall C4CAW Statement: The Coalition for Clean and Affordable Water (C4CAW) supports the state’s initiative to replace lead water service lines, at reasonable costs. The C4CAW has launched to protect Jackson area residents and businesses’ pocketbooks from one of the most expensive lead line replacement proposals in the country. This coalition supports clean water for all residents but has grave concerns about the conflicting price tags of the program over the last year, with estimates ranging from between $184 and $650 million. Any of these estimates would put a significant burden on local residents. We ask City leaders to delay their vote on the lead service line replacement program and take the time to develop a fiscally-responsible solution that ensures clean, affordable water for all residents in the city of Jackson and surrounding communities.  Read the Entire C4CAW Statement Here

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Why are you against the replacement of lead service lines in Jackson?

 We stand 100% in favor of replacing Jackson’s lead service lines.

 We don’t believe Jackson residents should pay higher than the national average to do so.

 The national average among municipalities and local governments to replace lead water lines is approximately $5,000 per line, with the Jackson proposal coming in between $17,000 and $38,000 per line. Further, while the current average Jackson property value is $63,200, over the life of the planned 35-year replacement program an average customer will pay up to $27,000 for this costly program. Read Enitre FAQ

Letter from Senate Majority Leader Shirkey, State Representative Alexander, and State Representative Lightner

"This City Council has routinely demonstrated an ability to make tough decisions.  Please take the necessary time to fully assess how best to lead our City at this very critical juncture and on this equally critical responsibility."  Read the Entire Letter

The Jackson County Chamber of Commerce appreciates the City of Jackson and this City Council's proactive planning efforts on this unfunded mandate.  We, along with the C4CAW simply ask for a more collaborative and economically viable action plan.