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2022 Women’s Week Wall of Fame

Linda Hass

First ever honorary City Historian and has made a large impact on preserving Jackson County’s history for ages to come.

Carolyn Croteau

Carolyn is a hardworking woman. She makes the firepup costumes for fire departments all over the world.

Kelsey Miller

Kelsey is a hard working, momma of 3 with an incredible heart.

Mary Kolb

Ms. Mary Kolb is a retired teacher from Jackson Public Schools who goes beyond the call of duty in volunteering for the health of all! She’s a Quest Lions Club member and you can always count on her to be actively participating in things for the good of others! Ms. Kolb keeps in touch with her students from the local high school and reaches out to help them. She gives back after already giving so much. She’s been a Big Sister in the Big Sisters and Big Brothers program and so much more! I’d love to see such a woman honored on your Wall of Fame in our community! She deserves it for her many services to our youth, elders, and community.

Iesha Westbrook

Iesha is a hard working, fun loving business woman who “embraced the suck” of a pandemic and built a successful & impactful house keeping & home health care business during the pandemic. She’s a mother, friend, and entrepreneur and we are so lucky to have her in Jackson!

Toneka Smith

Toneka is a hustler! She is an excellent friend, a business owner who lifts others as she rises, and a rising star here in Jackson.

Kesha Hamilton

Kesha is a power house! Her strong leadership, her willingness to say what needs to be said, and her focus on equity is making a huge difference in our community.

Jenifer Scanlon

Jenifer’s passion for our city makes others want to move here, raise a family here, and start a business here. She serves others far beyond real estate and her enthusiasm for business and people are contagious!

Ann Monroe

Ann E. Monroe has been encouraging people to live their best lives for over thirty years. As Chief Executive Officer for Activities Recovery Empowerment (ARE), Inc., Monroe heads a peer-run mental health organization, employing over thirty individuals and serving hundreds of adults, young people and families in Jackson and Hillsdale Counties. The most unique aspect of ARE is that everybody affiliated with the organization, from top leadership on down, has a lived experience with mental health or substance use challenges. Ann’s priority is for ARE to be a place of redemption and healing, where people have the opportunity to grow beyond their past missteps and embrace recovery and wellness. In her thirteen years as ARE’s CEO, Monroe transformed the organization from a tiny drop-in center with one full time employee, to one of the premier peer-run mental health organizations in the state operating two drop-in centers, adult and youth peer support services, parent support and recovery groups spanning two counties. Ann Monroe is also the Chair a founding member of the Michigan Peer Recovery Coalition (MPRC) a coalition of Michigan peer-run organizations that enhances the voice, authenticity and practice of peer-run organizations across the state. Monroe is a member of the Jackson Business & Professional Women’s Club (BPW), the Michigan Peer Specialists United (MPSU), Non-profit Network, and sits on the Jackson Continuum of Care. She is the 1991 recipient of the Jackson BPW’s Individual Development Speaker competition.

Amy Lienhard

Amy Lienhard is the epitome of leadership by example. Her work ethic is second to none and dedication to making businesses thrive through marketing and promotional branding

Sammy Rebandt

Sammy has been an amazing teacher/ role model/ care giver/ mind shaper/ etc. to all of my kids. She is always involved in multiple groups and events for our school, East Jackson. I can honestly say that she cares about every single little human being that she comes into contact with. She makes everyone want to be a better person. My kids only had Mrs Rebandt for one grade, but they know that she is always there for them. She has passion for her job and it shows in every kid that is lucky enough to have her. She does so much for our community and she deserves to know that she is appreciated.

Lauren Dunigan

Born and raised in Jackson, Lauren Dunigan has been part of a family legacy in the community. She has watched many of her aunts, uncles, and family members continuously give back and help influence change. Because of that she has always had the passion and drive to help others. Lauren uses this drive to give back every day by helping others in the community and fueling local businesses with her marketing agency. Lauren is never afraid to reach out a hand to help those around her.

Felisha Carter

Felisha is the founder & owner of Shorties Sweet Eats & Treats. She is a wonderful friend, and even better mentor. Felisha goes out of her way to ensure those connected around her has the recourses needed to become successful. Felisha empowers other women no matter where she is. She is a star shining bright here in Jackson, MI.

Monique Zantop

Through being a foster parent herself, over the years to several special needs children, she recognized a need for not only the children, but for the foster parents themselves. Foster children are often dropped off with little more than the clothes on their backs. Out of love and compassion for children who are in need, her organization Birthbrite was born. While being a wife and a mother to her own 4 children, Monique still manages to drive, sometimes quite far, using her own personal vehicle to pick up donations from businesses offering clothing, toiletries and other essential items for the families. She has also been known to stay up until the early morning hours to sort and launder donations that come in so she can immediately get them out to foster homes in need. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of recognition for such a selfless, kind, and much needed gesture in our small community.

Holly Jenkins

Holly Jenkins started Jenkins Insurance Group in 2016. Since that time, she has grown her business to 7 employees. Holly’s agency participates in community events such as Northwest Elementary’s The $20K Food Truck Challenge and the Music in the Park/Grass Lake Farmers Market. At the end of 2018, Holly was diagnosed with breast cancer. That has not stopped this hockey mom. Even after treatment and multiple surgeries, Holly continues to grow her business and give back to the community she lives in.

Shelley Mitchell

Shelley Mitchell serves without exception. She is a pillar of strength, courage and wisdom and an amazing inspiration and leader to women everywhere.

Shawna Tello

Shawna Tello has made it her mission to improve the lives of kids, adults and families through her work as CEO of the Jackson YMCA. Having first come to the Y as a toddler, Shawna works tirelessly at the Jackson YMCA to ensure that programs and services are available to all. Along with serving members and the community through the YMCA, she has dedicated the past four years working to build a new healthy living campus in downtown Jackson.

Carrie Yetzke

Carrie is one of the most caring, genuine, and passionate women! Since coming to work at Recruit Specialized Staffing she has been the “work mom” for everyone. It is impossible to be in a bad mood around Carrie as she finds a way to find the positive in every situation. The list of good she has done for Recruit is too long to dive into and we couldnt think of a more deserving woman than Carrie Yetzke.

LaMonica Davis

She is dedicated to her family, her work, and the community.

Maureen Keene

As Assistant Superintendent and Director of Special Education for the Jackson County ISD, Ms. Keene leads a department that provides specialized services for approximately 4000 students with disabilities across Jackson County. Maureen’s passion, dedication and commitment to the students of Jackson County is invaluable!

Amy Rogers

Amy Rogers is the principal of the Lyle Torrant Center. Her dedication to the students, parents, and staff is amazing and life changing for those served!

Cheryl Lemons

Cheryl is the Assistant Director of Human Resources for the Jackson County ISD. She exemplifies customer service and is the first point of contact for JCISD employees with questions and concerns.

Tovah Sheldon

Tovah is the Director of Instruction for the Jackson County ISD. She works tirelessly to bring high quality professional development to educators across Jackson County.

Lynne Thompson

As Assistant Director of Finance for the JCISD, Lynne assists all participating local districts with their financial operations. Her expertise are an invaluable local resource for our districts.

Cathy Brechtelsbauer

Cathy is the Director of Human Resources and Legal Services for the JCISD. Her expertise and guidance are invaluable to the JCISD and its Board of Education. She is also a passionate community advocate, participating in many community efforts for student support services.

Deana Thomas

Deana Thomas is a true inspiration for her employees at Jackson Tool Sales. Deana just celebrated her 26th year anniversary of working at Jackson Tool. She started out with the company as a receptionist and from there moved to inside sales and eventually operations manager of the company. In August 2020, Deana became the President of the company. She is a true inspiration that hard work pays off. Deana makes the JTS workplace environment and fun and great place to work!

Sylvia Sharpe

Amazing amount of growth professionally and an all around amazing young lady.

Karen Sharpe

Strives to make our customers experience a great one. Always willing to help anyone anytime

Amber Hoard

10 year allstar employee.

Coral Ottney

Coral is a hard working mother of two! She also runs a farm and breeds rabbits in her own business all on top of a full time job in manufacturing! She is the definition of a hard working women!

Kelly Vowels

Kelly is an amazing women rocking the manufacturing industry! Her dedication to her work and her family is top notch!

Kelly Kofflin

On top of being a mother of two, Kelly works day to night ensuring the next generation of doers and makers are getting the start they deserve with the Shop Rat Foundation!

Rachael Wingle

Racheal is a mother of three and dominating the real estate world! As if that wasnt enough Racheal operates a slew of other businesses and has long dedication as the program director for the Shop Rat Foundation. Her drive is almost as big as her heart!

Jessica Monroe

Jesi is a mother of 5 and is an entrepreneur operating Fresh Life Cleaning Services for over 10 years!

Amie Pierce

Amie has been a pharmacist in the Jackson Community for 30 years. She is an incredible mother, friend, and wife. Amie has been imperative in the fight against Covid-19 at LTC Welcome Pharmacies and is passionate about helping and educating her patients. She is a continuous inspiration in the field, a leader, and a mother. Thank you, Amie!

Alyse Farley & Makaila Navarre

Alyse and Makaila are the head coaches for All Around Gymnastics Center. These incredible women devote their lives to inspiring and coaching our youth. They set amazing examples for the young girls who look up to them, and manage to find the perfect amount of support, tough love, and encouragement for all of their gymnasts. Their efforts in molding our strong young girls should be recognized as it is very appreciated.

The Women of Blue Ox Credit Union

The BlueOx Credit Union Jackson Team surpasses the norm to get work done! This team values members, teamwork, collaboration and creating an upbeat warm place to work. The value we place on our internal work relationships is the strongest influencing factor on how we collaborate. We celebrate diversity, integrity, passion, and being dynamic! This is a team of women who feel empowered, build a community, and put members first!

Miranda and Jamie of Two Board Girls

Miranda & Jamie work full time jobs while building the Two Board Girls empire. They are creatives that hustle, hustle, hustle! It’s been amazing to watch they’re business grow and the new collaborations they come up with. They are true BOSS BABES and we celebrate them this Women’s Week!

Kayla Nangle

Kayla is not only an entrepreneur herself (she owns and runs Darling Earrings) and holds a full time job, but she’s always thinking of ways to help small businesses. She took it upon herself to put together a small business holiday coupon book for the Jackson community. She worked hard to get Jackson County small businesses to participate and sold the books before the Christmas holiday. She is a hardworker, creative and deeply cares for her community. We are lucky to have Kayla in Jackson!

Ashley Bacon

She is an amazing baker. Her cakes are top notch, as well as her cupcakes, and boozy treats. She is a phenomenal mother and friend. She is kind, honest, and a very hard worker.

Yvette Wilkie, Tonja Worthey, Ella Hephzibah & Canena Adams

These four BOSS BABES put on the Jackson Black Excellence Awards here in Jackson. They are fierce business owners & forces in this community and we are extremely blessed they invest their talents and passion right here in Jackson, MI. These ladies deserve a round of applause!!!

Danielle Ransom RDH

She is a Dental Hygienist and provides excellent care for 29 years to Jackson county. Tooth be told, she loves what she does and treats patients like family.

Daveda Quinn

Daveda is a hard working community activist who gives 💯 to Jackson County. She is truly a trusted advocate.

Kelly Sharrer

Kelly is a ray of sunshine everywhere she goes. She’s passionate about her job, and her family. She is the greatest auntie ever and is always ready to help out where needed. She is loving and compassionate.

Danyelle Jayne

Danyelle is a very hard worker for her family and her job. She always has a smile on her face. She is the rock who holds it all together, she is a shining star.

Sarah Harmon

Sarah is a Rock Star in the REALTOR world! Not only is she successful in business, she is a wife and Amazing Mother of 3. Sarah has mastered the art of balance when it comes to family and work. She deserves to be recognized and celebrated!!

Monica Mays

Monica is one of the most caring people I know. She truly cares about her clients as much as she does her family. She loves her community and gives back every chance she gets. She is one of a kind.

Nicole Johnson

Nicole is such a staple in this community. She is active in many organizations, all while supporting so many others. All while still working her day job. Nicole deserves to be celebrated for the Woman she is.

Aimee Potts

Aimee is one of the most professional, hard-working people in Jackson. Her professional and positive attitude make her such a great mentor to so many people.

Kathy Wilson

Kathy loves hard, and deeply for the Jackson Community, especially when it comes to women. She works hard and tirelessly to support mothers, & women. Whether they are in a crisis or just need support, she will make sure to provide them with everything in her power to provide. Her love for people is contagious and her warm heart blesses all she helps, works & volunteers with.

Trish Lefere

If you’ve visited JTV, Trish lefere has probably greeted you with a warm smile. As Office Manager and Director of First Impressions, Trish does it all with a smile and kind heart.

Dr. Molly McClure

Molly has elevated the level of Client Care and innovative ideas around the office. Molly has a fun, positive attitude that is contagious. JTV is lucky to have Dr. MCClure on the team!

Megan Mello

Megan moved to Jackson to work at Consumers Energy, and has been an active member of the community ever since. She is a wonderful friend, community leader, and new mother! She is balancing being a new mom, planning a wedding and serves on the Jackson Young Professionals board as the Marketing Chair. She truly loves Jackson, building relationships and having fun!

Heidi Yahr

Heidi is a kind-hearted soul with an enterprising spirit. She is currently expanding her business into Jackson, bringing a fresh new perception of health and wellness into our community. Heidi has a passion for golf, yoga and a love for the great outdoors.

Dana Vance

Dana makes coming to work fun! Her always positive attitude and welcoming nature is infectious. We appreciate you, Dana!

Olivia Pageau

Olivia is an amazing woman that approaches everything with kindness, laughter, and tenacity. She is a rising star and will do amazing things!

Stepfanie Steinkopf

With much style and grace Stepfanie navigates motherhood and entrepreneurship beautifully. Her inclusive spirit seeks out ways to showcase the community and the people that make Jackson such a great place to live. She is one of those people, that make Jackson better, so we wanted to showcase her here!

Rachel Buchanan

Rachel is a role model to all! She encompasses a business woman, mother, coworker, friend and supporter.

Amanda Loveland

Amanda is the definition of a leader. She puts everything into her work and life. She leads with her heart and is truly someone to admire.

Haley Hemmig

Haley puts her heart into everything that she does. She is eager to help, learn and grow. She has a laugh that is infectious and just lights a room up wherever she goes.

Pam Mackinder

Pam is a one of a kind person. She is not only a successful Realtor but also gives back to her community at every chance possible. She has a heart of gold and we need more women like her.

Stephanie Hawley

Stephanie is one of the smartest, hardest working people you will ever meet. She is the first to help a friend or family member in need, the loudest fan cheering at her daughter, Ella’s sporting events and putting up with her loving husband, Andy. Professionally, Stephanie is a Vice President of Sales with Flagstar Bank and ranks in the Top 10 for the company nationally in units closed as a lender.

Annie Wallen

Annie is the first female firefighter to work for the city of Jackson. She is the public education director there and is paving the way for more full-time women in her field. In addition, she spends her time assistant coaching women’s basketball at Vandercook High school and taking courses to better herself in her career and for the community.

Leslie Bradley

Leslie is kind, compassionate, and hardworking. She is a mentor for young women in the Jackson area and she is passionate about volunteering in the community.

Gabriella Bach

Gabriella is a servant leader. She has worked in the healthcare field for over 10 years now and continues to display high staff retention rates and meaningful connections with older adults within the Jackson community. She loves being involved in local government, volunteering and giving back to those in need.

Heather Brand-Wakefield

Heather is a phenomenal mother and the perfection definition of role model. She is the most genuine, kind and humble woman around. She strives to make the world a better place every day. She works hard to support her family. She is always putting others before herself.

Reanne Asbury

Reanne is a hardworking HR Professional and a dedicated mother of two. Her genuine care for her community and everyone around her is apparent through her work. She is an incredible mentor and always makes sure her staff knows they are people first and employees second. The professional community of Jackson is lucky to have her!

Karen Hawley

Karen is the glue that keeps everything together whether it’s family or business. A leader by example, Karen selflessly cares for others and is one of the biggest supporters of our community. Karen is a wonderful mom to Andy and Joe and the best grandma to Ella, James and Quinn.

Shaney Gorrell

Shaney Gorrell deserves recognition on the Wall of Fame because of how active she is in the community, experienced as a real-estate agent including connections with over hundreds of local community members. She is down to earth, helpful, and kind. She also opened the second branch of Your Premiere Properties in Brooklyn, MI and I would like her to be praised for all of the hard work she completes for family, friends, and colleagues.

Katelyn Gebhardt

Kate exemplifies the meaning of strong woman! Defying gender roles, she is the organized and creative Executive Kitchen Manager at One North Kitchen & Bar. She’s always organized and leads her team with a positive attitude and a never ending pursuit of perfection.

Jennifer Trammell

Jenny has not only raised 5 beautiful but now uses that experience to lead the host team as the Service Manager at One North Kitchen & Bar. She’s never sitting still and strives to make every guest experience a memorable one.

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