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2024 Wall of Fame

The Jackson County Chamber of Commerce is proud to highlight women making a difference in our community every day. Congratulations to all those nominated, and thank you to the women in leadership positions who choose Jackson County as their home.

Sandy Simmons

“Sandy is the foundation of The Brokerage House which is so active in supporting Jackson events, sponsorships, local businesses and more. She makes it happen, but spends most of her time behind the scenes. She is a rockstar supporter of Jackson and deserves recognition for how much she not only supports the community, but the agent team at The Brokerage House.”

Alicia Williams

“Alicia is the co-owner of AV1Presentations that has served Jackson County for more than 30 years providing corporate sound, AV and lighting for live events. Her commitment to Jackson and willingness to accept leadership positions (even when she’s incredibly busy) are making an impact that is appreciated, valued, and necessary for equitable outcomes in our community.”

Mallory Vredeveld & Maddison Husted

“These women have put in THE WORK to open their brick and mortar bakery. Long nights, deep dives into learning how to run a business, and taking opportunities to work with the other small businesses and community partners.”

Wanda Beavers

“Mama Tutu is Jackson’s Mother. She loves, everyone, takes care of everyone she can, and does more than most people to support anyone & everyone who needs a hand in our community.”

Heather Leszczynski

“Day in and day out, Heather continuously fights to better the lives of the pets and homeless animals of Jackson and surrounding areas. You will not find someone with more compassion, heart, professionalism, or determination.”

Salena Taylor

“Salena is tirelessly committed to serving the people of Jackson, especially the women, children, and those without housing. She is definitely a huge help to our community and she deserves to be recognized!”

Daveda Quinn

“Daveda has truly been a guiding light for individuals in need of essential resources such as food, supplies, shelter, and transportation to medical appointments. Her tireless efforts reflect her profound passion for aiding those facing adversity, consistently extending a helping hand with compassion and grace.”

Kim Crabtree

“Kim has always had a passion for oral health, especially with children. She started Smiles on Wheels which visits schools to do oral screenings. She has pushed for legislation to make this mandatory just like hearing and vision. She truly cares about the health of the children in Jackson County.”

Beth Philo

“Beth is the point person for all disaster prevention and response services. Last year, she personally responded to most of the house fires (over a dozen) in Jackson and Hillsdale. All while managing the office, thanking community partners and taking care of her family. “

Jenifer Scanlon

“As a Co-Owner of The Brokerage House, she supports her team with her knowledge, mentorship and enthusiasm, She shares her love of Jackson County with everyone she meets.”

Pam Mackinder

“Pam has run the Small Business on Facebook in Jackson County for over 3 years. She brings awareness to the Community on what is going on and how we can support our local businesses.”

Samantha Jones

“As a Patrol Officer for the City of Jackson, Sammy brings positivity, humility, and hard work to work every day. We’re so grateful for her service!”

Regina Pinney

“Regina Pinney has vision and dedication that help create meaningful change and make a positive impact on the lives of women in our community. Regina truly deserves recognition during Women’s Week for her outstanding contributions to our organization, her advocacy for women, and her inspirational leadership.”

Janelle Merritt

“Janelle is always leading and guiding those around her in experiences, knowledge, and all around good human behavior. She prides herself in her positivity, a trait that is contagious to anyone near. She pushes to think outside current practices to be diverse and inclusive, and exhibits vulnerability in such a way that makes it feel okay to be human.”

Nicole Johnson

“Nicole is a bright light not only in the community, but especially in the Mortgage and Real Estate Industry. Her knowledge, experience, infectious positive attitude, and her care for those she is working with sets her worlds apart from the rest!”

Holly Jenkins

“Holly is an insurance agent in the Jackson and Grass Lake community. She is always willing to help with anyone’s insurance needs and makes sure they are covering their assets correctly. She is an ethical, hardworking women who deserves recognition!”

Emily Thomas

“Emily works behind the scenes to bring events to Jackson County which brings our community together.”

Kimberly Lowe

“Kimberly is a great and brave woman. She does what she can to help her community. She works at a small store, not because she needs the money but because she knows her customers love seeing her smile!”

Jan Rochefort

“Jan Rochefort is a remarkable individual, celebrated for their artistic talent, advocacy efforts, entrepreneurial spirit, and exceptional generosity as a philanthropist. And a beloved Jackson local.”